Firing 75MM Pack Howitzer Signal Cannon

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1/6th scale model Pack Howitzer fires .50 cal blanks.  Each cannon is hand made, just steps off the historic Rock Island Arsenal, by craftsmen with decades of artillery manufacturing experience.
  • Highly detailed model designed from original tech drawings
  • Loaded via sliding breech block
  • Louder than 90db BOOM!
  • .50 cal "Safety" blank cartridges
  • Classified as a non-firearm by the ATF
  • Uses 777 non-corrosive gun powder
  • Crafted from steel and aluminum in the USA
  • Each cannon is serialized with a matching certificate of authenticity
  • Ships in a specially-designed ammo crate
  • Each cannon purchase includes 10 "Safety" cartridges
  • Complete tech manual inspired by the Pack Howitzer originals